What can Arnold Schwarzenegger teach us about Social Media?

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger – Courtesy of Wikipedia

If you asked me that question yesterday I would have said “NOTHING!” – but today is another story!

If you have been anywhere remotely near a TV or the internet in the past 72 hours, you would know the name Joseph Kony well.  Below is the KONY 2012 video that has gone viral and is striving to make “Joseph Kony famous, not to celebrate him, but to raise support for his arrest and set a precedent for international justice” according to Invisible Children.

Joseph Kony

Joseph Kony – Image courtesy of All Voices


What does Kony, Arnold Schwarzenegger & social media have to do with each other?

Quite a lot actually…

Have you seen Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s movie “Predator” that starred Carl Weathers?  I found this on Facebook this morning…

Kony 2012, Predator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers, Social Media, Facebook

Courtesy of Tim Kitell’s Facebook

It’s not until you look closely at the photo again after reading the comments that the photo isn’t even Joseph Kony…it’s Carl Weathers…Arnie’s co-star! I’ll be the first to put my hand up and say that I made an assumption after just scanning the image.  After I had a good laugh, it got me thinking about…


The “bandwagon effect” and Social Media

I love social media – people share experiences and information with the world, both good and bad.

I’m continually amazed at how powerful it can be.

“The tendency to follow the actions or beliefs of others can occur because individuals directly prefer to conform, or because individuals derive information from others” – Wikipedia.

How true is that?  The Invisible Children’s Kony 2012 video only confirms this theory by stating:

“Humanities greatest desire is to belong and connect” – Invisible Children’s Kony 2012 video

Social Media allows us to connect with billions of people.


Something to Take Away

This is what I learnt about Social Media from Arnie’s “Predator” movie…

What you put out into the wonderful world of social media is there to stay, permanently!   Have a look at the blog post Warning for Privacy, Blogging & Social Media on Here I Am LouLou.

Poor “Shauna” appears to have been caught up completely by the “bandwagon effect” of the Kony 2012 campagin without evening realising it.

Social Media is a tremendous tool and I would just like to caution everyone to take a minute to look a little deeper and form your own opinion, then if you believe or agree – click that LIKE  or SHARE  button!

Differing opinions is what makes this world such an interesting place. 

What do you think?


  1. Loulou


    thank you for the link back to my blog – your post relates so well.

    Whilst I love so many aspects of Social Media – there is certainly an ugly side to social media too.
    – I do hope to be one of the “think before I leap” kind of commenters. I perhaps wasn’t always this way inclined but experience, a balanced brain and maturity has shown me the correct way of conduct.

    There is a dreadful ripple effect amongst reactionaries so quick to jump on the band wagon and type or think the first thing that comes into their head.
    A lot of the time, some see other comments following a particular trend and can’t think for themselves and follow a detrimental suit.

    I attended a conference yesterday and there was such a relevant and brilliant component spoken about – the topic was on Media Law and it was defamation that I was most interested in.

    People do not realise once they comment or even ASSOCIATE THEIR COMMENTS on a post, email, text, message, tweet, direct message someone with a not so pleasant comment or correspondence – they are liable for Defamation – especially in Australia.
    Did you know to spread a rumour about someone that has no truths of the story, the listener to the rumour and others that perhaps unfollow you because of that rumour – they are liable for defamation as well.

    Unfortunatley – I have been at the tail end of dreadful “low lifers” thinking it is ok to slander or make unrefined comments previously.
    I do know who they are and they are now liable for defamation.
    I have all the evidence that is needed.
    These poor unfortunates targeted me through jealousy and hang ups with their own issues. Such a shame that they got their information wrong on ALL levels.

    The matter with “what you put out there is permanent” it is quite amazing.

    I still recommend and especially after my attendance at yesterdays conference listening to the the Media Law component – people think before they:
    Speak, type, text, email, comment, associate their comments, tweet, retweet, post, message, spread rumour or press the like button on Facebook – They be very careful – Especially in Australia.

    Brilliant post and welcome to the thriving and wonderful world of Social Media posting.

    best wishes,

    Have a wonderful day,

    loulou, hereiamloulou blog 


    What goes online does stay online even if you take your comment down etc.

  2. TheTrueReview

    Hey Fiona, you hit the target with this one. From Kony to Carl Weathers. People need to be careful in the world of social media.

    • Fiona :: Acumen Creative

      Many thanks for your valuable comments.