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Social Media 101: LinkedIn profile images

  LinkedIn is your online resume. It's your online professional identity, where you "build and engage with your professional network". And what are resumes used for? To help you secure a new job or business and work opportunities. Given that, you need to present...

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Facebook Pages Upgrade – Are You Ready?

Facebook have been warning us for a number of weeks now that all business and brand "Pages" will automatically be upgraded tomorrow...March 30, 2012. Are you ready? The Boy Scout's of America don't appear to be, they still have the old layout.  I hope their motto of...

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Compelling Blog Content Made Easy

Thanks to the great team at Copyblogger, you will never be stuck for ideas for your next blog post! The next time you have writer's block, have a look at the infographic 22 Ways to Create Compelling Content below and the ideas will start flowing. If you're wondering...

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What can Arnold Schwarzenegger teach us about Social Media?

If you asked me that question yesterday I would have said "NOTHING!" - but today is another story! If you have been anywhere remotely near a TV or the internet in the past 72 hours, you would know the name Joseph Kony well.  Below is the KONY 2012 video that has gone...

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