Social Media 101: LinkedIn profile images


Image courtesy of Sprout Social


LinkedIn is your online resume.

It’s your online professional identity, where you “build and engage with your professional network”.

And what are resumes used for? To help you secure a new job or business and work opportunities. Given that, you need to present yourself in a professional light, otherwise you can kiss all the job offers and new opportunities your seeking goodbye.

Most of the common mistakes people make on LinkedIn relate to their profile picture.

5 tips to make a great impression with your LinkedIn profile picture

TIP #1 – Use a recent photograph

People need to recognise you. Anything more than 5 years old is too old.

TIP #2 – You should be the only star

Your pet/best friend/significant other should not make an appearance.  This also includes not using your company/business logo for your individual profile image – that’s what company pages are for.

TIP #3 – Use a good quality image

Fuzzy and pixelated photos need not apply. Good lighting is your friend – use it.  No nightclub or extreme sporting shots – keep those for Facebook!

TIP #4 – Have the right size image

Currently the maximum LinkedIn profile image size is 500 x 500 pixels and the minimum is 200 x 200 pixels

TIP #5 – Wear appropriate clothing

No shirtless or cleavage showing. Regardless of your industry, there is an outfit that’s professional and appropriate.