Website Maintenance Blocks


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Do you need updates or changes to your Wordpress website?

Then our maintenance blocks are just what you need!

1 block = 30 minutes time spent working on your website

Just change the quantity below to purchase the number of “blocks” you’d like!
For example: Quantity 1 = 1 block (30 minutes), Quantity 4 = 4 blocks (2 hours)


What are Website Maintenance Blocks?

One block is 30 minutes of our time working on your WordPress website(s).

Depending on the complexity of your request, a typical block could allow you to have some of the following work completed on your website:

  • Update the content of a page
  • Modify and upload an image to your WordPress website
  • Apply and test available updates for your WordPress website

How can I use Website Maintenance Blocks that I purchase?

Once you complete the purchase of the Website Maintenance Blocks, you’ll receive details of how to “logging a job”.

When we get your job request, we provide you with an estimate of how many blocks the update will use.  Once we receive your approval to start, your job will be scheduled and you’ll be notified when it’s completed.

What happens if I don’t use all the blocks I buy for one job?

Don’t worry! It will be keep as a retainer so you can use it against future jobs requests.

Still have questions?

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!


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